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Dead Billionaires are a ramshackle band bent on scratching a primal itch -- empowering audiences through effervescent, driving rock n roll.  

Formerly known as Little River Creek Police, Dead Billionaires started as the songwriting project of frontman Warren Campbell in 2016 in Richmond Virginia. Operating as a small collective with a fluid lineup, the band wields music as a tool for grappling with the problems of our modern society, while having a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

Their debut LP "Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book" --named after a 1990s government-issued instructional book for children-- serves a guidebook for all those navigating the disenfranchising fog of our capitalist society.


From left to right Nick, Warren and Hunter standing looking at the camera under a bridge in Richmond Virginia

L-R: Nick, Warren, Hunter

Photo by Eric Campbell

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